With human achievement being witnessed every day at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, “Cocktails in Space” was an unmissable opportunity to celebrate OMEGA’s famous heritage of space exploration. And the House was certainly made to look the part with a giant luminescent moon hanging above the Patio. There was also a line-up of white-haired space girls to greet and salute guests as they arrived.

Giving everyone a true taste of space, cocktails were served in space ration hydropacks and made with “Tang”, the powered drink that astronauts actually took to space.

As part of the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969, Buzz Aldrin famously stepped onto the lunar surface wearing an OMEGA Speedmaster, making it the first watch ever worn on the moon. 47 years later, he was recounting his memories to guests in Rio de Janeiro. Earlier in the afternoon, Buzz held two intimate talks with a packed theatre of guests. Then, as the evening got underway, he brought up the topic of Olympic Games athletes and the special qualities that drive the human spirit.

“It’s the same thing that drives everyone who wants to appreciate what they stand for. What they can do. What their contribution may be. It may be small. But you want it to be the best that you can do. We’re all working towards something. And I can put that into other words. We explore, or we expire. You’ve got a choice.”

Having arrived in Rio the night before, Buzz was very excited to share his experience of watching his USA compatriot Michael Phelps claim two Olympic Games gold medals. With a cheeky smile, he said, “What I’ve seen last night stands out most in my mind. That old guy who’s been around a long time. Phelps. He’s pretty good.”

OMEGA watches have always been renowned as an essential and reliable tool in space. In 1965, the Speedmaster was officially certified by NASA for all manned missions and has since gone on to iconic status, accompanying astronauts on all six lunar landings. Even today, OMEGA watches are still an official part of NASA kit.

With such a rich heritage in space exploration, President and CEO of OMEGA, Raynald Aeschlimann, felt very proud to see the “Cocktails in Space” event come to life. He said, “Even in the watches we create today, the story of space and the moon is still an essential part of our DNA. It’s critical to our brand story. Tonight is a fun way to celebrate that connection and to have such a legendary astronaut here with us makes it all the more special.”

From space, OMEGA will “return to Earth” for its next event at OMEGA House. As the Official Timekeeper of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, there are many unmissable evenings still to come which will celebrate the colour and energy of this prestigious sporting event.