Date 30.01.2023


The first timepiece to include OMEGA’s fine-tune Spirate™ System is the Speedmaster Super Racing in stainless steel. A visual tribute to OMEGA’s 2013 anti-magnetic masterpiece... [...]

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Date 14.12.2022

OMEGA Celebrates The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 17

The last manned journey to the moon landed 50 years ago. On this special anniversary, OMEGA is remembering the achievements of Apollo 17, and the role that the Speedmaster Moonwatch played during those famous hours. [...]

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Date 26.11.2022

60 Years of James Bond: An OMEGA Celebration

Marking the 60th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, two new OMEGA watches have been crafted. Each one pays homage to the spy through innovation and impressive materials – with a touch of film magic infused within the design. [...]

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Date 02.04.2022

Remembering OMEGA, Snoopy, and Apollo 13

On April the 17th this year, OMEGA will mark more than 50 years since Apollo 13. When that famous mission lifted off in 1970, nobody on board, nor on the ground, could ever have anticipated the drama and near disaster that lay ahead. [...]

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Date 09.03.2022

OMEGA Days 2022

OMEGA has managed to find that sweet spot between the all new - and the tried and true. The approach that made OMEGA world famous. [...]

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