OMEGA is one of the leading watchmaking brands in Switzerland and around the globe.

Throughout the 167 years of watchmaking history, Omega continuously keeps a creative role in the field of watchmaking. Pioneering spirit evidently expressed in many different fields such as from space exploration mission with six time moon landing to discover the deep blue ocean. With an expert role in the watchmaking industry has allowed Omega to develop of revolutionary innovation like Co-Axial Escapement and see through watch case featured on Hour Vison line. Omega is always the major behind a lot of invention and a long traditional in the organization of timekeeper at the world sprorting events from Olympics to the America’s Cup, including all swimming championship and the athletics. These inventions includes photofinish a first camera that be capable of capturing images at destination line exact to 1/1000 of a second, and the touchpad under the starting podium at the swimming sport events. Omega sensed the moment of glory with the Omega Speedmaster Professional or also well known as “Moon Watch”, the first and only watch was worn by astronauts on the Moon. In addition, Omega is also involved as official partnership in the reputable project named “Solar Impulse” for the purpose of flying around the world by an aircraft entirely operating by solar energy. In 2013, Omega announced the creation of first truly anti-magnetic watch movement that is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss) and present how Omega solving the problem has challenged watchmakers for centuries.