Water Resistant

For a divers’ watch to remain water resistant at depth, it must survive crushing pressures. At OMEGA, we test our divers’ watches in water at a minimum depth of 30 bar (300 m/1000 ft) depending on the model. However, the Planet Ocean is water resistant up to 60 bar (600 m/2000 ft). 


Helium Escape Valve

When working at great depths, professional divers stay in a diving bell and breathe a mixture of gases containing a high proportion of Helium (He). The escape valve prevents helium molecules, which expand during decompression, from popping the crystal face and caseback of the watch. On the Planet Ocean, the He escape valve, located at 10 o’clock, is operated manually.


The Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

The Planet Ocean’s unidirectional 60min diving bezel makes it easy for a diver to measure elapsed time, while preventing them from accidentally rotating it the wrong way and miscalculating their dive time.

SE Diver Rio cadran nuit

Luminescent Hands, Indexes and Dot

Underwater, it can go from daylight to dark in an instant, so the different hands on the watch must be clearly distinguishable and the display uncomplicated and easy-to-read. With its green luminescent dot on the bezel and matching minute hand, the Planet Ocean allows the diver to check the time at a glance. To make the reading even clearer, all other hands and indexes are in contrasting luminescent blue.


Shock & Scratch Resistant

Diving is filled with unforeseen hazards, especially when exploring caves, shipwrecks and reefs. OMEGA’s ‘NIVACHOC’ system protects the watch’s regulatory organ, so that it remains functional even if knocked against hard surfaces. Protecting the dial is the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. On Planet Ocean diving watches, bezels are now made of robust ceramic.


Extendable Metal Bracelet

A divers’ watch must fit tightly around the wrist, so it’s crucial that the bracelet extends to make extra room for the thickness of the diving suit. On the Planet Ocean this flexibility is made possible by the patented rack-and-pusher with extra diver extension.



Magnetic forces in electronic devices used on land, on deck and even under the sea, can throw a divers’ timepiece out of synch. What’s more, diving equipment often includes magnetic devices. So it is a force that must be resisted.  The Planet Ocean is resistant to forces of 15.000 gauss, substantially greater than the industry minimum, which is 60 gauss. 


Pushers that work perfectly underwater

A pusher needs to work perfectly at depth, without letting water into the watch.  This technological challenge has been met head-on by OMEGA.

All pushers on our divers’ chronographs are completely functional underwater.