OMEGA salutes the Seamaster family with an 11-watch collection in Summer Blue that celebrates water resistance

The seven iconic models – eleven watches in all – track a trajectory from dressy to serious dive tech. Common to all is OMEGA’s Summer Blue, used in greater or lesser degrees to reflect the water resistance of each Seamaster and relate its depth-defying credentials at a glance: Aqua Terra represents the sun-drenched surface, Ultra Deep the dark abyss.

Aqua Terra

Stylish and seaworthy

Released in 2002, the Seamaster Aqua Terra’s restrained display recalled the clean lines of the original Seamaster 300 from 1957. Throughout the years, OMEGA has introduced ocean-inspired design touches, such as sailboat indexes and teak-pattern dials reminiscent of luxury yacht decks.

Aqua Terra Worldtimer

A dial designed to inspire

Just two years after its launch in 2017, OMEGA adopted laser technology to achieve dials of extraordinary texture and colour. Beautiful visions of Earth viewed from above and wearable on the wrist.  With its day and night indications and circle of global destinations, the Aqua Terra Worldtimer is the ultimate call to adventure. The very special Seamaster even has its own ocean.  

Seamaster 300

Oceangoing professional

Launched in 1957 as part of OMEGA’s “professional” trilogy (along with the Speedmaster and Railmaster), the original Seamaster 300 offered wearers an easy-to-read display and exceptional water resistance, indicated by the “Naiad” star set within the logo on the crown.

Diver 300M

Oceanic Icon

With its distinctive diving scale, skeleton hands, bold raised indexes, and helium escape valve, the Diver 300M released in 1993 offers deep-sea adventurers a stylish way to keep track of time spent beneath the surface.

Planet Ocean 600M

Everything the name suggests

Taking its design cues from the Seamaster 300, the Planet Ocean was released in 2005 with an orange bezel and distinctive helium escape valve.


The world’s most distinctive dive watch

Able to withstand the ocean’s most crushing pressures, the unmistakable Seamaster Professional 600, better known as the “Ploprof” (from PLOngeur PROfessionnel – French for “professional diver”) is one of the most robust and innovative divers’ wristwatches ever made. OMEGA’s ingenious method of fixing the crystal to the tough monobloc case eliminated the need for a helium escape valve.

Ultra Deep

Tribute to our world-record dive

In 2019, the very first Ultra Deep watches made history when they reached the deepest place on Earth. Following that World Record dive to the Mariana Trench, OMEGA transformed the technology into a game-changing 6,000m collection available to the public. A watch tested in real ocean conditions during its development, water-resistant to 6,000 metres (20,000 ft.), and meeting the ISO 6425:2018 standard for saturation divers’ watches, as certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

The commemorative caseback

Every watch detailed above has a striking commemorative caseback. The Seamaster logo, depicting a trident-bearing Poseidon and two seahorses: OMEGA’s 1956 original and the brand’s current design.