Date 02.04.2022

Remembering OMEGA, Snoopy, and Apollo 13

On April the 17th this year, OMEGA will mark more than 50 years since Apollo 13. When that famous mission lifted off in 1970, nobody on board, nor on the ground, could ever have anticipated the drama and near disaster that lay ahead. [...]

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Date 09.03.2022

OMEGA Days 2022

OMEGA has managed to find that sweet spot between the all new - and the tried and true. The approach that made OMEGA world famous. [...]

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Date 21.09.2021

A new look for Aqua Terra

In keeping with the lifestyle of its intended wearers, the Swiss brand has taken the Aqua Terra into exciting new territory, by introducing a seconds hand that’s an absolute first. [...]

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Date 11.06.2021

Happy Father’s Day

A father plays many roles throughout his lifetime – from motivator and teacher, to handyman and driving instructor. For such a versatile guy, we believe that a diverse choice of timepiece is essential. [...]

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