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Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

It is now 50 years since mankind took its first daring steps onto the moon – a moment that changed history (and the limits of possibility) forever. On this golden anniversary, OMEGA is celebrating the occasion with a brand new Speedmaster that has a very special connection to the astronauts and the legacy of that Apollo 11 mission. [...]

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Date 19.07.2019 Feature-Image

Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition – Steel Edition

  There were many world-changing moments that defined the first lunar landing in 1969. From famous words to dusty footprints, it was a mission that remains unforgettable in so many ways. On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, OMEGA is proud to unveil a new Speedmaster Limited Edition that pays tribute to those iconic hours. […] [...]

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Date 04.07.2019 Feature-Image

OMEGA Novelties 2019 – Constellation Manhattan Aventurine

Following the new look of the modern Constellation Manhattan, OMEGA is releasing a selection of models distinguished by blue aventurine dials. This glistening form of glass is sometimes called “sang-e setareh”, (sang meaning ‘stone’, and setareh meaning ‘star’ in Persian) for its starry internal reflections. A perfect reference to the Constellation’s proud history of precision. […] [...]

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OMEGA Novelties 2019 – Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar

In a year defined by colourful timepieces, the newest OMEGA Globemaster has defied the trend by going with a traditional combination of black and steel. Also famous for being the world’s first Master Chronometer (a title it earned in 2015), the Globemaster continues to lead the way with the industry’s finest technology.     Strength […] [...]

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TREASURES FROM THE VAULT   In 1948, Omega celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary with the aptly named Centenary, an officially certified chronometer bumper automatic. The Constellation collection followed in 1952 and became the world’s first family of watches to be completely chronometer certified.    Constellation OT 2699     Delving into the Omega Museum archive, we […] [...]

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Date 25.06.2019 Feature-Image_215.

The world’s deepest watch – Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

When adventurer Victor Vescovo successfully piloted his submersible Limiting Factor to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in early 2019, the 10,928m dive set a new world record. Along for the ride – and performing perfectly at depth - was OMEGA’s Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional. [...]

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World record dive for OMEGA Planet Ocean

At the British Museum in London, OMEGA reveals the watch that made the world’s deepest dive – and the groundbreaking technology behind its success.     When Victor Vescovo successfully piloted his deep submergence vehicle DSV Limiting Factor to the bottom of the Mariana Trench earlier this year, the 10,928m dive set a new world […] [...]

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